Aura Telecom solution provides the ability for companies to optimize business communications. Yes, we provide phone systems. However, Aura’s cloud solution offers much, much more than your traditional system.

Our cloud technology offers a virtual communication system providing advanced features and functionality for any size business which was only available for larger organizations.

Interested in:

Integrated Chat? – Screen Sharing? – Call Center Funtionality?

Our solution is scalable to fit your growing business needs. You will never need to look for a more robust system. Our award-winning HUD productivity software significantly increases employee productivity, efficiency and reduce cost by still maintaining a high quality product.

Whether you want a cloud / off-premise phone system, or a black box in the closet, Aura’s phone solutions are guaranteed to make you smile, all without putting your monthly phone expenses in the stratosphere.

Don’t delay! Move your phones to the Cloud with Aura Telecom

Public Cloud
Full featured phone system designed for small business. All the speed and productivity without managing hardware.

Big business features with small business costs. Preconfigured hardware to manage voice on your site and cutting-edge communications applications in the cloud.

Private Cloud
Enterprise features without complicated hardware and IT demands. All the benefits of the cloud, plus the added security of a dedicated solution.

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