Desktop Video Conferencing

Start-Video is a desktop video conference and collaboration tool that provides an easy to use video conferencing solution at a price that small and medium sized businesses can afford. All you need is your PC, a webcam and access to the internet to connect face to face with your audience.
Start-Video also allows you to share your desktop, and share files that your guests may download to their PC. Additional features include chat, polling, built in recording and VOIP audio. Users may choose to use the built in
VOIP feature, but we recommend using AURA true audio conferencing service with the video platform for the
best experience.

Audio & Video Conferencing

Conference Bridge provides mid to high volume customers, agents, and resellers with some of the most effective, reasonably priced conferencing services in the industry. We are continually researching the conferencing market to be able to bring you cutting edge developments in technology and services at below market prices.
• Low cost reservation less conferencing – You conduct your conference calls without making a reservation or using an
operator. All of the conferees simply dial a toll or toll free number and enter your pin code when prompted by the
system. This service is easy to use and very cost effective.
• Operator dial-out – Our operators dial all of the conferees, perform a roll call and turn the conference over to
the moderator.
• Operator Assisted Meet Me and 800 Meet Me – All participants dial in to a toll or toll free number, our operators greet
participants and place them into conference.
• Event Calls – Additional services such as Q&A and Polling are available with Operator Assisted calls. Please see our
Event Services tab for further information or contact Customer Service to speak with an Event Planner.

The Web Conferencing Store: (Cloud Services)

Top web conferencing, live e-learning and webinar services at below market pricing. With Web Conferencing you can add a visual component to your meetings. You can have more productive conference calls while cutting down on travel time and expenses.
Instead of trying to make one platform work for all of your needs, you now have one source from which to choose the most effective solution(s) for each of your needs. We offer many of the top performing web conferencing, webinar and online training services at some of the lowest prices available today.

Audio & Online Events

Special features and low pricing for conference call and online event management.
Our experienced AURA operators are dedicated toward making your IR call, marketing seminar or web event an outstanding success from beginning to end.

You will be assigned an event coordinator who will be responsible for making sure that each detail of your event is correctly setup and executed including:
• Take registrations
• Distribute invitations via FAX, e-mail or phone call
• Create an attendee list
• Record / archive the event

For your conference call we will:
• Help you determine the type of call that will be most appropriate for your event
• Customize the details of your conference call to meet your specifications

For your webcast, webinar or web conference we will:
• Help you determine the best web conferencing or webcasting technology for your event.
• Set you up with the appropriate web technology
• Coordinate the conference call with the web technology
• Train you how to use the web technology
• Make sure your attendees successfully enter the event
• Provide online support during your event

Investor Relations

One of the fastest growing business segments utilizing conference calling is the investor relations area of public companies. More and more companies are using audio and/or web conferencing to hold their quarterly earnings meetings. During these events, analysts listen to and/or view the meeting and a question and answer session conducted by one of our experienced operators can be included at the conclusion of the prepared remarks.

These calls are typically recorded and kept on the conference bridge or streamed for one week so that people who could not make the scheduled call can call into the center at their leisure and listen to a replay of the call.

Conference Bridge excels in the investor relations market. We have experience in working with corporate executives and their staff to produce the best quality calls in the business. Please call us at 800.279.AURA