Home/Small Office Telephone Service

Perfect your image with a professional service

  1. Your home/small office is a business. When your customers call, you want your phone system to project the right image. Our business service gives your home/small office all the right features to help you serve your clients in the office and on the go.
  2. Cost effective — Unlimited calling to the US and Canada.
  3. Never miss a call — Free call forwarding – have the capability to make and receive business calls from your iPhone, iPad or Android phones or tablets. Voicemails to Email delivered right to your email so you can listen to them on the run.
  4. Dynamic feature like—Voicemails to Email – Delivers right to your email for flexibility
  5. Business features like — 3 Way Conference, Caller ID, Voicemail and Advanced call forwarding. No one will never know you are working from home or have a small office, unless you tell them.
  6. Aura Telecom business phone service is easy to set up and easy to use. You just need your existing Internet connection and or skip the phone entirely and use your smartphone or your computer.

Boost Collaboration with a Suite of Productivity Tools

Add-on bundle includes email and exchange services, SharePoint and voice communications

Collaboration can be powerful when organizations work together for a common goal. But with distributed offices and mobile and remote employees, it can be an overwhelming challenge.

Aura Telecom Pro bundles business phone service with a suite of powerfully integrated online productivity tools: Email, SharePoint and Web Hosting to get everyone on the same page.

Hosted/Private Cloud Solutions that Empower Your Business

We know phone systems can be expensive and add in the significant capital investment. Plus, you need a staff to manage it. What a headache.

Aura Telecom solutions are ideally suited for small contact centers. They were built from the ground up as true hosted applications to give you a powerful, easy-to-use platform that will improve your customer interactions as well as your team’s efficiency.

  1. Advanced features — amazingly advanced capabilities like skills-based routing to direct your callers to the agents with the right skills.
  2. More flexibility—Features like multi-media queuing let you streamline distribution of phone and interactions.
  3. Powerful options—Features that can save valuable time like voice paging.

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