Integrated Voice includes Analog Lines, and SIP Trunking.

With Aura Telecom Integrated Voice, customers save up to 45% over traditional phone lines while optimizing bandwidth for greater efficiency.
Aura Telecom Integrated Voice combines voice and data over a single, dynamic DSL, T1, or Ethernet connection, delivering concurrent call capacity to your existing PBX or IP PBX.
Connections can be made to a PBX via analog lines or SIP Trunking.

Analog Lines Traditional analog business lines. Two way calling.
SIP Trunking Popular direct SIP trunks for IP PBX equipment.

Integrated Voice provides significant savings – up to 45% over traditional phone lines.

• Buy only one circuit. Voice and Data can share one circuit. No need to purchase circuits separately.
• No waste. Buy only the lines, trunks, or full PRIs you need for efficient growth management.
• Boost productivity and mobility with hosted services, such as Find Me / Follow Me and Remote Office.