Keep your IP PBX. Save on Your Phone Calls

If you’ve already got a long-term commitment to your IP PBX and are spending at least $500 a month in phone service, you might be looking for ways to lower all your calling costs—without replacing your phone system or phones. Why not reduce your monthly phone bills by running voice and data on the same network?

With Aura SIP Trunking you save money on local, long distance, toll-free, and international calling.
• Lower your overall calling costs
• Keep your existing IP PBX phone system and telephones
• Keep your current phone numbers
• Use your existing broadband Internet connections
• Enjoy unlimited calling between sites
• Leverage Aura’s world class service and support

Aura SIP Trunking

Aura SIP Trunking is a broadband agnostic, business-class voice solution that offers great savings on local, long distance and international calling to companies that have already made the move to an IP-enabled phone system. Enhance your SIP-enabled phone system with Aura’s world-class SIP Trunk dial tone service which provides lower costs, unlimited lines, and works with virtually any high-speed Internet connection
Why pay the monthly recurring charges associated with maintaining two distinct voice and data networks when you can realize significant and immediate savings by running voice as an application on your existing data network?

Aura SIP Trunking includes:

• Free calling between Aura extensions—Great for branch offices and remote workers
• No minimums—Pay-as-you-grow scalability
• Number portability—Keep existing phone and toll-free numbers
• Flexible service plans—With 6-second billing increments
• Inbound/Outbound service—with dedicated rates
• Toll-free numbers—Port existing numbers or we can assign new ones
• Award-winning Aura digital voice network
• Nationwide footprint—With over 7,000 rate centers

In addition to traditional calling features, Aura SIP Trunking offers incredible nationwide calling rates and huge savings on toll-free and international calling, saving many customers up to 50% or more on usage alone.